Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Old Country Doctor

Dr R. B. Caldwell

Maybe half the town of Baldwyn, now of great or little worth,
Found this healer waiting for them when they came upon the earth;
This undecorated soldier, of a hard, unequal strife,
Fought in many stubborn battles with the foes that sought their life.

In the nighttime or the daytime, he would rally brave and well,
Though the summer lark was singng or the fall leaves fell;
Knowing if he won the battle, they would praise their Maker's name,
Knowing if he lost the battle, then the doctor was to blame.

'When so many pined in sickness he had stood so strongly by,
Half the people felt a notion that the doctor would never die;
They must slowly learn the lesson how to live from day to day,
And have somehow lost their bearings-now that this landmark has gone away.

But perhaps it still is better that his busy life is done;
He has seen his patients disappearing, one by one;
He has learned that Death is master both of science and of art;
He has done his duty fairly and has acted out his part.

-Writer unknown-


  1. Hi Carl
    Thanks for the item on Dr. R. B. And thanks for the writer, whoever it is. That is SO Dr. R. B.

    Paul says hello.


  2. During one of my office visits, he was explaining to me about the medicine I needed. I noticed several of his fingers missing. He seriously explained he cut them off in order to be better able to cut out tonsils, appendix, etc. Wow, I thought that was smart.

  3. Wow, 4:02. Of course tonsils was a great business for doctors at that time.

  4. The Ole Country Doctor not only cut off his own fingers & toes, he pulled two of my permanent teeth(no novacain) just a pair of plyers , with my mother crying and begging him not to pull them. She told him they were not baby teeth, but he just went right on. Times have changed, thanks goodness.