Monday, June 23, 2008

Bearcat Basketball Team

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Photo of a team from the mid-50s. Guess you all know each of them. This was one of the better teams of the time period, and they appear to be in the Baldwyn gymnasium near the East goal.

I only have one name unconfirmed, number 30.


Photo courtesy of Larry Johnson


  1. Number 30 looks like one of the ? Curtiss brothers, Don or Joe? What do you think>


  2. I think it is Jimmy Grissom (or Grisham), the left handed dude who shot a running hook shot and only played one year at BHS. He later became a minister.

  3. I think this is the 1955-56 team of:
    Enoch Gentry, Martin Howard, Bobby McCarley, Bud Reynolds, Curtiss Wayne Bishop, Ellis Wayne Christian, James Lominick, James Bryant, Jimmy Whitaker, Archie Murley, Jimmy Grissom and Larry Johnson.

  4. i thought the Murley was Harold. Archie was never an athlete, that I recall. Also concurr with Jimmy Grissom.

  5. The Murley in this picture is Archie. He was an athlete. Harold had used all his elgibility by this time.


  6. Yes, no. 30 is Jimmie Grisham. During his junior year he was a member of an excellent Jumpertown team. That team almost surely would have advanced to the state tournament the next year, but two of their best players transferred (rumor had it they were recruited)--Grisham to Baldwyn and Hansell Smart to Booneville. Hansell took the starting job I was expecting to have my senior year. Do players still shift schools in northeast Mississippi? The most famous case in the old days was that of Grandle Barron, who played for three different schools in three consecutive years. But all legit, I'm sure.