Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BCR 1954 Battle Reenactment Continued

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More Belles and Beaus. Seemed that the festivities were almost non-stop in the days leading up to the reenactment. The whole town and some nearby towns were anticipating the big day.

Battle planning was detailed by the group in photo 3.

The courtesy stand was kept open and had information for passersby.

Bernard and Paul Sr. were always having a good time!

All photos courtesy of Larry Johnson


  1. A few identities but need help - from back row # 1:
    Mr & Mrs Gene Caldwell
    ??Harold Dobbs??
    Swede Johnson
    Billy Robinson
    # 2:
    Fred Permentor
    James Mack Jones
    Paul Haynes
    Cecil Nanney
    # 3 from back:
    Swede Johnson
    Bruce McElroy
    Van Stubbs
    Claude Gentry
    ???Ms Merle Green???
    Ms Sam Johnson
    # 5:
    Paul Haynes
    Bernard Coggins

  2. #3
    Jack Nanney to far left?
    One of the McVays to Claude's right (Basil?)


  3. In pic number 4, I am sure that is Mrs. Sam Johnson on right. You may be correct about Mrs. Greene.
    Someone will hopefully let us know for sure..

  4. In Picture #4. You are correct it is Myrle Greene and Mrs. Sam Johnson. The picture was taken on the coner of HIway 45 and West Main st. at the traffic light. You can see the Methodist Church in the background.

    Jimmy G

  5. Beck, The guy in the photo at Mr. Claude's right in not a McVay.I was wondering about the name, also before posting.

    I have been bailing some hay and thinking about it, but had to stop and come here before I forgot that I am pretty sure it is Al Grisham (Al's Cafe).

    Hope that's right.

  6. The second person in the first picture is Edgar Lee McDonald the rest are correct.

  7. Carl, I think you are right about Al Grisham or however the spelling, I have forgotten.
    Jim in Booneville

  8. Harold

    Is Dr Gene Caldwell and wife still living? He was my doctor in the early years.

    Mrs Caldwell looks just like Monte Jean in that photo...


  9. I know that Dr. Gene passed away 4 or 5 years ago. Last I heard Ms Eugenia was in a nursing with, I believe, Alzheimer's.