Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bearcat Cuties 1955-56

There are many photos of the Bearcat ball teams that have been posted previously. We certainly do not want to forget that all-important support team, the royalty, the cheerleaders and other lovelies that got the spectators in the mood to yell for the players. We just now are happening up on some old photos of those ladies and will be putting all we find on here from time to time.

The top photo of the 1955 cheering team needs no name list for most of you, but if so, look at their megaphones for the name.

These are old Baldwyn Weekly News articles and have browned and faded over the years. Got them as sharp as possible for viewing enlarged.

From the collection of Ellis Christian


  1. That is the first time I've thought of Midge Stiles in many years. I wonder what became of her?

  2. Midge married a minister of the Christian Church and was living in Orlando, FL just a few years ago. Not to be too picky but this doesn't have any 1956 seniors like Marion Grissom so wouldn't it more likely be the 1956-57 group?

  3. Anon 8:11-
    You could be right on the time of the photo. I was using some information that was on the backside of the article when I scanned it.
    Thanks for the correction.

  4. I believe the cheerleaders in the top picture are from the season of 1956 and not 1955.. all of the people were a year behind me in school..

    larry johnson

  5. Regarding the cheerleaders: Mine was the class of '55 and surely one or two of my classmates would have been cheering. Also: I see the names but I don't remember the last names except for Brenda and Monte Jean.

  6. My mother, Midge Stiles, has been living here in Lake Mary, Florida for the past 20 years. She is still as beautiful now as she was when this pic was taken - if not more so now!