Friday, June 13, 2008

BCR Battleground Scenes, June 1954

Top: The Greenes.

Second: One view of the actual skirmishes on the day of battle.

Third:The Hon. Bernard Coggins taking a break.

Fourth: Bruce McElroy, "commander" of the Southern Forces that day welcomes General Nathan Bedford Forrest's niece (or granddaughter) to the reenactment.

Bottom: A "field commander" inspects his troops before the battle begins.

Thanks to Larry Johnson and Jim Greene for the photos.


  1. Recognizable to me on 2nd picture:
    Clyde Tapp in center, T Charles Gower to his right and good shot of Paul Hamblin on far right. Paul passed away with aneurism when he was only about 36.

  2. Several of us were gophers for Capt. Van Stubbs in a central command station. He stayed on a walkie talkie and kept the action going. One of our duties was to release smoke bombs close to downed soldiers in order for them to move back and start over. The "Rebel Yells" were frequent. Do you remember how it sounded? THIS was the funnest Spring and Mid-summer ever. Everybody got into everyday's events, especially Mr. McWhorter, Town Clerk.

  3. Mr James Pinckney McWhorter. He was always in on the action.