Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bearcats on the battlefield

Lower color photo
by Clarene Evans
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Here are contrasting photos of Baldwyn guys at the Shiloh Military Park. One was made in 1955, the other in June 2008. The first was made during filming of the movie that is still shown at the museum/visitor center at the Park.

A number of Bearcats were involved in the filming of that movie. The top photo shows Lanny Outlaw (R) and Ted Hill (Wheeler) to his right. John Olan is also further to his right.

The lower photo was made at the mini-reunion last week and shows (L-R) Carl, John Olan, Ellis Wayne, Henry, and "Ace" McCary.

We learned a story about the cannon that we are standing by. Notice that it is still very brassy and new looking. There is no patina on the barrel. We were told by park personnel that previously that spot was occupied by a cannon that was used in the time era of the battle. Some people in the state of North Carolina wanted it back since it belonged to them, although it had been at Shiloh for many years. They enlisted the assistance of Senator Elizabeth Dole and after negotiations it was sent back to the state. The stipulation was that it had to be replaced by another one, and this is an almost new fully functional cannon. I am trying to find out more about it, the manufacturer and date, etc.

For you that are artillery enthusiasts, this cannon is in the Ruggles' Battery line, which was at the time the largest concentration of cannon ever assembled (62). That pinned down the Union troops at the battle of the Hornet's Nest, allowing the confederate infantry to encircle and capture many of the enemy.

Henry Outlaw was "killed" at this battle reenactment in 1955. More on that later...


  1. When Henry and Ellis start firing that gun,

    "Get out your confederate money, boys, the South is gonna rise again!"

  2. Carl, you arrre good at the research.

  3. IF we had this blog 50 years ago, we would have all been geniuses in a month. And that knowledge would have made us untold fortunes.

  4. Can anyone name the guys in the black and white photo? (except the ones already named) thanks