Saturday, June 7, 2008

Baldwyn Nicknames -List 3, 4, 5

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The final three. Some of these folks you may not remember, they were adults when we were in our teens.

I think number 242 is wrong - incorrect amphibian and last name spelling. Am I right?

Thanks again to Simon Spight for contributing the lists.


  1. Carl, the Billy Green I knew and went to school with was "Turtle"--we all knew him by this name--


  2. That's the mistake Carl was referring to, Duke. That was what everyone called him. It was an honorary nickname, slow as a turtle while running with a football, but solid as a rock on the defense line. At a game in the crisp fall of one season an opponent thought he would literally go through Billy's legs to get by him, but as he did, Billy just sat down on him. End of that.

  3. Billy Greene was lovingly and respectfully known as "Turtle".
    We also had another nickname for him; by transposing and moving parts of his first and last names, we called him "Grilly Bean".