Monday, June 16, 2008

Mini-Reunion, Spring 2008

A few photos of some of the attendees at the mini-reunion at Pickwick Lake last Thursday-Saturday. Starting with dinner Thursday evening at the Catfish Hotel, and ending with a rainy departure just before noon on Saturday, the group had a great time. Highlights were, of course, eating, and the Shiloh Park visit to see the movie and monuments. Friday evening we watched a DVD of old photos of the Baldwyn area.

Plans we discussed are to try to get together again in the Fall at Okelala Festival time. Henry has some unique T-shirts he thinks some of you might want to wear. He will describe them later when the design is worked out and available for you to see.

Thanks to all who came. It was good to see you-all.

Coming Thursday: A story of a cannon, and a couple of contrasting Shiloh photos.


  1. .....thanks for the pictures...I vote for the Festival get-together this Fall...


  2. Can someone ID? Who are 3 ladies in top photo and who is man with cap talking to Simon?

  3. The ladies in top photo (L-R) are Brenda (Henry) Outlaw, Mae (Carl) Houston, and Jan (Ellis) Christian. This was inside the Pickwick Landing SP Inn lobby.

    That is Jimmy Baxter ( he never looks at the camera!)talking to Simon on the porch of the Catfish Hotel overlooking the Tennessee River north of the dam near Diamond Island.

    The Catfish Hotel is adjacent to Shiloh NM Park.

  4. OMG! Is that Gene "Ace" McCary in the photos?

  5. Yes, indeed, that is "Ace". All the way from Louisiana.

  6. Well, I'm sorry I missed it--looks like you had a good time--I vote for the get-together this Fall, I still work full time and was not able to make this one, was glad to see Aaron there, there are sooo many stories we could go over about the "Bearcat" years--it would be great to kinda "relive" it all again

    John Melvin

  7. One more short comment--Anyone remember the "OLD" original Catfish Hotel? It was GREAT--was there once in the late 50s, the river was so high it was lapping at the foundations on the old buildings


  8. Seeing backfield: Everyone forgets that the 1955 football team wasn't supposed to be that good with Billy Hamblin, James Melvin Herring, Mose, Billy Dillard, Jimmy Rutherford all graduating. The 1955 team turned out to be one of the best ever for that era.

  9. J.M.
    I remember the old Catfish Hotel very well. It has been added on to, rebuilt and whatever at least three times in my recall. It burned in, I believe, 1976 and the present structure is the result of that reconstruction.
    It finally ran Little Andy's and Ed Shaw out of business.
    You need to come and try it again sometime!

  10. Hey Carl

    We come up there 2 or 3 times a year, most times on
    Sunday evening, the kids always want to see the river, hope we get to make the fall get-together also, I love the Tenn river area, always have--

    John M