Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Extra - thick Burger I couldn't get hold Of...

Just a sentence or two here on the "Ozelle's Cafe T-shirts".

Since I am so much younger than most of you (hehehehehe), I only have one story about Ozelle's that I can relate. My mother, Marie Evans, took me and my little brother Coleman to Ozelle's one night for a cheeseburger and a coke. I sat down wanting so much to be treated like an adult and Mama let me order for myself. I asked Miss Ozelle if I could have a special burger with everything on it I wanted and of course she said I could.

When the burgers came to the table, they looked scrumptious. I'd ordered mine dressed, with everything and Miss Ozelle had put mustard, onions, pickle, lettuce and a slice of tomato on it. While adding ketchup to the fries, I decided the burger could use some too and by this time my perfect burger had become so big that I couldn't get it into my mouth. I bet that sucker was at least 4" thick. I said something to Mama about it and the next thing I knew, my little brother reached over, grabbed my burger and laid it on the table beside his plate.

Then before I knew what was happening, he plopped his hand down right on the top of it, squashing it as flat as a pancake. Mustard and ketchup squirted out in all directions, a pickle popped out and Mama caught it before it landed in her lap. She was so embarrassed but Miss Ozelle just laughed and said she thought that was the cutest thing she had ever seen. Coleman sat up a little taller in his seat as pleased with himself as he could be. I cheeseburger was ruined, but after Mama put it back together it still tasted wonderful.

I learned a valuable lesson that night and never ordered another 'special' cheeseburger like that one again. Oh, to be able to get a burger like that again....the meat was hand patted and it was fried on a flat grill...

Photo courtesy of Carl Jr. Houston


  1. Clarene, there is justice in the world! One weekday evening, kind of late as I remember, Coleman and I were in the Dan Dee Cafe (later called Mildred's)and he had not had supper, so, he ordered a cheeseburger. The place was packed so it must have been after some event at BHS. George, the owner's son, brought his order to the table and sat down with us. Coleman added ketchup then picked it up to take his first bite. Apparently he wasn't griping it tight enough because the patty slid out the bottom onto his tee shirt and into his lap making quite a mess. George and I, as well as several folks at adjacent tables, had a pretty good laugh at his expense. Not to be out done however, he put his sandwich back together and proceeded to eat the whole thing!

    Phil C

  2. In total agreement with the cheeseburgers from Ozelle's....

    Loved the story, Clarene.

  3. The good ole days and the best food! Didn't know that it would hurt us then.
    An Ozele's burger and a Grapette would hit the spot right now.

  4. Between Lottie and Juantia Heavner is Sandra Putt (inside grill).
    "Those were the days"

  5. Who is TMG? Hey gang, let us know who you are, if you can because... I would hate to be reporting that you have passed on and you be reading it and laughing at us thinking you were dead already!!!

  6. Hey Clarene,

    Guess what, I got my picture on finally and "Did I ever tell you about the time we "found" a cannonball? :o)

    John M

  7. Clarene, TMG is Tommy Gamble. He lived in Geeville growing up. He and I played Army for several years.

  8. Thanks Carl, for the clarification on TMG...I would never have thought of the two of you together since he is so much younger than I and you are 6 years older than me. Dang boy, you got around!