Saturday, August 23, 2008

1959 Graduating Class

-click to enlarge-

Sorry about the damage to Billingsley's photo, tried to repair it, but it is too bad.

Does anyone have a good copy of the 1958 class in this format? Please scan at 200 dpi at least and send via email if you do!

Photo of class courtesy of Milton Copeland


  1. Irene Cheatham sure looks good in that photo. She was a heck of a basketball player. So agile. I danced with her at a thing in the gym once and she was very good at dancing too.

  2. I don't know all the details but Irene later worked as a model in the (I think) Cleveland area so she must have had a lot of poise. She later ended up in California and was still playing in a basketball league at age 62 according to an article in Tupelo paper several years ago.

  3. Gibson Lee Billingsly, Linda McCarthy, Martha Sue Prather, Billy Green, Nancy Carnes, Doug White and Ted Roberts are all deceased.

  4. Seeing these composites brings back a lot of memories of walking the halls of BHS where all of them hung sequentially. And to think that the punk who started the fire that destroyed that great old building along with all those photos and memories was out of jail before the replacement(new) building was finished!

    Phil C