Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BHS Football Players 1948-49

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This is a photo of the best of the best upcoming Bearcats for the school year 48-49. The stats for the year are not available, but we are told this was a good year for these players.

Photo courtesy of Billy Roberson


  1. Great photo. I didn't realize that Billy coached HS football. Bob Christian was just a baby there since he and Billy dillard didn't graduate until 1955, Mert and Jack until 1954. I think Big Apple was the offensive star of that team. Charles Cooper looks just like his younger brother Gary who was also a good athlete and played on the overall State Champion 1964 Baldwyn team.

  2. Who was J B Alexander? Don't remember him.

  3. The guys shown here were the catalyst for players that formed a formidable force in BHS football program well into 1954 or '55. The teachings from very good coaches stuck with them and they produced some great teams.
    Thanks for this pphoto! Keep 'em coming if you can!

  4. These old pictures are pure gold. Enjoy seeing them so much, and thanks for all the efforts of those who get them into print here.

    The sad part is that a majority (it seems) of the ones depicted in them are not around to see and enjoy them, also.

  5. Booneville, Arkansas?