Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baldwyn Businesses - Lampkin's Barber Shop

Lampkin's Barber Shop on east Main street, as it was in the late 40s-early 50s.

The barbers were (L-R) Cecil Lytal, Aubry Green, and Jack Lampkin, Sr.

"Hambone", the guy that put a shine on your shoes, is standing next to Mr. Jack's chair.

Also pictured is eleven-year old Jack Lampkin with a prize winning cow and calf.

Jack Lampkin, 85, passed away Monday, August 11, 2008.


  1. Carl, it seems that each time something happens like today, God steps in and provides. When I got the note from Bill this morning wanting me to pass it on to everyone about his brother Jack dying,the very next thing I picked up was an old copy of the Baldwyn News that was lying on my desk and there were these photos staring back at me from the pages of the paper. GOD is so good to help us out in times of need. I'm so glad you could use them.

  2. Thats my old barber shop allright. Just the way I remember it.
    Sorry to hear about Jack.
    Hambone was a multi-tasking person...he also cleaned the streets of town at night. He would go to all the service stations and drain the pump hoses into his gas tank of his Ford Model A pickup. I guess he got enough from that, I don't ever remember se him buying any gas.

  3. Whenever I needed a haircut, I would go to Jack's barber shop because it was cheaper than going to the beauty shop. They never seemed to mind that I was the only girl in the place, and were always polite and considerate.

  4. I worked for Harless and hambone would get into the pile of oil cans outside the grease rack and drain all of them into one until he got a quart of oil for that old truck.