Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Class of '57

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BHS graduates of 1957.

Please copy to your drive, keep and print if needed.

Photo courtesy of Ellis Christian


  1. That's Mr. Baker all right. I get a bit apprehensive just looking at him.

  2. That's right. We were photographed with an angel on our right side (Mrs. Martin) and the devil himself on our left.

  3. And all these years I believed that I was the only student who was frightened senseless by Mr. Baker.

  4. When J B (Mr Baker) returned to Baldwyn as Superintendent after the death of Mr. Howard, he sort of took me under his wing. I think his former relationship with my brother, Charles Fray, had a lot to do with it. He called me into his office several times to see how things were going for me, but mostly to find out about my family. The first time it happened I was so scared I almost wet my pants, especially when he had me close the door. I figured he was going to pull off that size 48 belt like I had seen him do back when I was in "grammar" school. But he put me at ease and explained he just wanted to chat, but mostly he talked and I listened! He told me some hilarious tells about my brother and his team mates.

    I think I can say without fear of contradiction that without his help, and his influence over some of my teachers, that I would not have made out of BHS in 1966.

    Now don't misinterpret what I've said. I didn't get any special treatment, in fact, just the opposite was true. He let me know in no uncertain terms what was expected, that he was watching me and that I had better "be walking a straight line."

    Yes, he could scare the heck out of you, especially with that booming voice that could be heard for blocks, and he ran that school system with an iron fist. But I came to know another side of him, and grew to respect him above all the educators I've ever known.

    Phil C

  5. Would someone please identify all of the folks in this photo?

  6. Here's a stab at it:
    Back row: Carlos Whie, ?, Curtiss Wayne Bishop, Margaret Epting, Barbara Ann Bryson, Linda Johnson, Norma Faye Davis, Hayden Nabors, Henry Outlaw, Forest Epting, J B Baker
    Frank Norman, Diane Stiles, ?, ?, Arch Young, Harold Murley, Aaron Weatherford, Forest Underwood, Grover Thomas
    Ms Martin, Gerald McKibben, Evelyn Roberts, Nancy McCarthy, ?, ?, Ellis Wayne Christian, Bobby Corbett, Bud Reynolds, Dean Rutherford

  7. Gene Spraggins to left of Carlos White. Jerry Mears to left of Diane, Billy Jean Johnson between Evelyn and Nancy, Jeanette DeVaughn to Ellis' right.