Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baldwyn's Nighttime Security Force 1950s

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For some people that couldn't sleep and liked to stay up all night, the place to go was to the "marshal's office" as it was called.

I tried it once, but got too drowsy and went home early.

Mr. Kilpatrick welcomed the company always, and usually had a few night owls every night. As the text under the photo says, fishin', politics, and BS were the main topics of those nocturnal sessions.

Photo courtesy of Ellen Mink.


  1. Otis always had a cheerful way about him which must have greatly helped when he was marshall. I can't remember that much about Mr Will K but last I heard Nancy, who had polio at a very young age, was a CPA in Tupelo. She was very smart.

  2. Yep, Nancy always had determination, even as a young person.

  3. Hallie said;

    Mr Will Kilpatrick was a very jolly, funny person but also very serious about his job. He loved younger folks, some old folks don't do that anymore.
    We would walk with him on his 10pm rounds, and then go home.

  4. When I was 5 or 6, my aunt and uncle lived next door to Mr. Will. I don't know if it was their barn or Mr. Will's whose loft I climbed into, but I was afraid to come down. After much crying and carrying on, I finally told Mother, "Just go get Mr. Will and have him shoot me down." I think he did come and help but without his gun.

  5. What ever happened to Aussie Mink?


  6. Aussie passed away, but I can't remember the date. Anyone?

  7. AUSSIE D MINK - Born 07 Aug 1936, died 15 Jan 2005, was a resident of Lee county, MS

    That's all I have...