Wednesday, August 6, 2008


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One of the fun times of our teen years was a get-together at someone's home for an overnight stay with several of your buddies. The photo above is descriptive of that, a jam session during an overnighter at Wallis' home. Usually the parents were away or stayed out of the way. You could stay up as long as you wanted, and sleep the next morning as long as necessary.

The girls were different in a way. Some Friday nights and Saturday mornings they were not to be found. They were together at someone's home, and one of the things they did other than talk and have fun was to put those awful smelling Toni permanents in their hair. It would take a half day to get the after-application odor down to a minimum, so they would show up about mid afternoon on Saturday, pert and pretty.

It didn't cost a lot of money to have fun in those days, and it was some of the best times we ever had.

Photo courtesy of Jim Greene, W4AYW


  1. Well that fine looking crowd is:
    Wyatt Weatherford, Billy Greene,Billy Massengill,Tommy Shellnut and me. This was taken at my house.


  2. Wallis & Tom with the sports coats. Where were you performing?

  3. "Coot" was visiting Wanda next door and they were serenading them!

  4. Wallace, do you think you could get up on top of a piano these days? Can you still play a guitar?

  5. Or better yet, could you ever play a guitar??? I remember you always could play the radio tho---


    John Melvin

  6. 50 years ago, but they still look like modern music groups in a way. Especially Whyatt, he is on the lookout for groupies!

  7. Are the two Billy's combining their talents and playing a fiddle together?