Thursday, September 17, 2009

What th' ###????

Have been wondering about these photos from the 1959 BHS annual. Notice these players are all Bearcats but wearing Pratt uniforms.

Does anyone know if this is a spoof or what?

I guess you know all those pictured. If not I'll add a comment with the names if one of you doesn't beat me to it.


  1. Boys - #11- Robert Coggins, Top right, Boyd? Parham, #13, a DeVaughn?, #12 a Wesson?

    Still looking.

  2. Center Girls, L- Edith Wages, middle, Anne Green, Right, Brenda Weatherford??

  3. Carl,
    This is not a spoof on the uniforms! About that time Pratts School was closed. People and the schools just did not have the money that we have now. I'm sure that Pratts School gave to uniforms to Baldwyn School when they closed. Baldwyn Probably used them for the Junior High basketball programs.

    If you thinks that looks funny you should have seen the garbage uniforms that I had to use playing peewee and junior football.
    It had a white jersey, yellow canvass pants, and a stupid leather helment. I weighed 120 pounds and the uniform was so big that J.B. Baker could have worn it.
    The uniform looked like the ones that Notre Dame wore in the early 1920s. I was so shamed of it I didn't want to be seen in it.

  4. Carl, Gloria was on the Bearcat Annual staff that year and she also remembers that the uniforms were a cost cutting measure. mc

  5. top picture: L-R Caroline Searcy, Judy Prather, Virginia Lynn McDonald, Ann Malone, Jane Goodson, and Bonnie Sue Bruton

    middle picture: L-R Edith Wages, Mary Evelyn Greenhill, Betty Green, Nan Rowan, and Linda Weatherford

    bottom picture:
    1st row: L-R Kenneth Lauderdale, Danny Bishop, Johnny DeVaughn, and Milton Wesson

    2nd row: L-R Jerry McGee, Robert Coggins, Danny Mink, Robert Parker, Lee Alvis Sweeney, and Thomas Parham

  6. Does anyone know what became of Bonnie Burton? Her face seems very familiar, but that name doesn't disturb any cob webs! Can anyone enlighten us as to how she came to live in Baldwyn and where her family may have moved to?

  7. Phil, Bonnie Sue Bruton's family lived in the white house just south of the Maulden Crossing (hwy 145 & Pratt Road). They moved to the Delta around 1959 and Bonnie has been teaching at Delta State for 25 years now. She is married to Bobby Horton who just completed a trail ride from Mexico to Canada. That's a lot of miles in the saddle!