Monday, September 21, 2009

Baldwyn vs. Nettleton, 1955

A program from an important game in 1955. Shown is all I have of the program; the front and half the inside - at least the important part showing the Bearcat players and stats.

Scanned in the best and largest resolution for you to print and save if desired.


Submitted by John Melvin Duke. Click on images to enlarge.


  1. Nettleton had a pair of twins whose names escape me.

  2. We really had some heavy weights!

  3. Carl, do you ever sleep? 3:51 A.M.?

  4. Amazingly, only 6 of these players have passed on. The coaches have too.


  5. One early season coach who is not listed here was Jackie Simpson, from Corinth like Coach Jobe, and an all american at Ole Miss. He could stay out all night without a wink and still be the toughest person on the field and he helped make the 1955 team into champions.

  6. Anonymous 7:50,

    Sometimes I have a thought attack in the wee hours, so I get up and take care of it.

    In this case however, I prepared the posting and cued it for publishing at a preset time.

    Thanks for reading the blog.

  7. As a teen in the 60's I can still appreciate the Bearcats football teams of the two decades preceding me. I heard and read many stories of the knock-em-dead players and the trouncing thay gave other good teams.
    "Proud to be a Bearcat"!

  8. There might have been a set of twins named Cathcart, perhaps from Nettleton??
    Jackie Simpson and another guy nicknamed "white rat" were visiting assistant coaches at about the same time. I recall them as pals of Don Jobe, Coach Jobe's brother. Simpson died in 1983, in NY at age 46.
    Where did Coach Jobe go after BHS?

  9. Coach Jobe went to Memphis State after Baldwyn, working for Coach Spook Murphy. After that I know he coached at schools in the MS Delta and I think as a Junior College assistant at Northwest MS CC. He spent his last days at a nursing home in GA. Maybe someone else can provide more details.