Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ladies of BCR Battle 1964

Top: Mrs. Haddon Palmer gets a shoe lace retied by Walter Anderson. Watching is James Preston McWhorter, Left, and James Franks, right.

Center: A drab cannon can be made to look better by adding a couple of pretty ladies. Standing is Virginia Rice Tapp and on the cannon is Johnny Corbett McGee.

Beards were very prevalent on men who celebrated the reenactments. The lower photo and accompanying text may or may not be true. How about it, Sue? Did you ever let BW grow one?

From the Jackson Clarion-Ledger, May 31, 1964. Submitted by Robert Palmer, Baldwyn.


  1. Jim Weeks came to Baldwyn to work for Haddon at the same time as Carson Baker's father about 1954 or so. Jim and his family stayed a lot longer and last I heard some were still around.

  2. Yes the Bakers came from Corning, ARK and lived in the concrete block house on hwy 45 across from the football field. I haven't heard from Carson since 1958.

  3. I know he was in Milwaukee one time a number of years ago.