Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Doc, Babe, and Country

A photo we ran across of the three coaches that quite a few of us had the opportunity to play for. A lot can be said for these men, but there is not enough room to put all of their accomplishments and accolades here.

They will be remembered for a long time.

From an old copy of the "Tupelo Daily Journal". Click to enlarge photo.


  1. Country Graham could put away two or three large steaks and another platefull of sides at one sitting. It would only take a few minutes to complete a meal for him.

    Also he was strong as an ox.

  2. At one time Delta State, Ole Missa and State all had head BB coaches from Baldwyn..larry

  3. I have a grandson that can eat that much, too. Will he be a famous basketball player and coach? Ha

  4. I think Country's family still has a home in Baldwyn on Ripley Road. It was shared once with his brother.

  5. Knew about the coaches at ole miss and state. was the dsc coach Ricks?
    Daddy use to tell a story about country when Baldwyn had the semi pro team. It seems that he forgot to put his trunks on under his warm up pants and when he went to pull them off there he was in his strap. don't know if this was true but I heard daddy tell this story more than once.