Friday, September 25, 2009

Remember James Franks?

I remember James Franks only from the time I was very young, and lost track of him over my adult years.

I rode with him in a wagon and a 4 mule team from Baldwyn to Geeville once. He had brought a load of cotton to one of the gins and I helped him suction it up into the conveyor.

His "museum" building was still standing the last time I went by on US 145; I wish I could have checked it out when it was full of his collections.

There is a misspelling in the text: The old auto was a Jordan Playboy.

From the Tupelo Journal newspaper, date unknown, but a guess is about 1974. Sent by Robert Palmer.

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  1. I saw Robert Duvall quoted once as saying that he enjoyed making the "Tomorrow" movie more than anything he did. It was made in Baldwyn, Frankstown, Tupelo area based on William Faulkner story and would be interesting to Baldwyn person.

  2. I saw that movie and not knowing James Franks was a character, I was shocked when I saw him on the screen. All through the movie I wondered if it could be? Then there in the credits was his name. That was a big "Are you kidding me?" moment.

  3. I saw the movie many years ago. I heard it was filmed in the area, but had no idea that some of the characters were local. I am going to try to find it and see it again.
    Thanks to this website we get a lot of good information.

  4. Carl, wonder why he didn't go to the Franks town gin with his cotton?

  5. 5:34, He brought a load of scrap iron under the cotton and sold it after getting the cotton to the gin.

    Had to weigh everything 3 times to get that all sorted out.

  6. The movie is hard to find for purchase or rental. You may watch it in it's entirety on YouTube. Go there and search for "Robert Duvall in "Tomorrow".

    James Franks is playing the part of a preacher and can be seen in part 8/12 starting at approximately the 9 minute mark and continuing in the 9/12 part at the beginning.

  7. has it on DVD right now for $26.99 with free shipping. mc

  8. Interesting movie on you tube. Thanks for sharing

  9. Frankstown is well known even today for research by archeologists. Much has been learned by studying the earth along TwentyMile canal.

    G. T.

  10. Joe Franks asked me one Saturday to drive one of the antique cars out toward the fish lake for some reason. I don't remember anything about driving the car, model, or where we were going. the only thing I do remember was how hard it was to keep in the road. Joe was driving another car and he later told me it had hydraulic steering. it was really loose and I was so glad to get to where we were going. I just tried to keep it literally, between the ditches.

  11. What time is breakfast at Agnew's?

  12. Virginia, I heard 8-ish... If I find out anything different, I'll let you-all know.

    Hope the rain holds off that day and it is good weather like last year.

  13. Regarding the movie "Tomorrow": If you belong to NetFlix (rentals through the mail), the film is available.
    I just found it listed and have added it to my view list.

  14. Another comment on "Tomorrow": NetFlix lists the movie as starring Robert Duvall and James Franks!!

  15. Funny that James received equal billing with Robert Duvall. Professor Robert Hamblin sez that "Tomorrow" is not very faithful to the Faulkner short story, only one sentence or so applies, I believe he said.

  16. We received a copy of "Tomorrow" and watched it. A very interesting movie. I think Billy Bob Thornton studied Robert DuVall's character before he filmed "Sling Blade". He talked just like Duvall did in this movie!
    The closing credits list the Tupelo Film Commission of Lee County, and Itawamba County.
    Following the movie, in an interview with Duvall and Horton Foote (screenwriter), they stated the majority of the filming was done on Tammy Wynette's grandfather's farm in Itawamba County.
    Also, the courthouse featured at the beginning and end of the movie was the Jacinto Courthouse.
    Nothing was mentioned about Baldwyn or Frankstown, and nothing was recognizable of those areas.
    James Franks had a small part, but did a nice job. Don't know why NetFlix picked his name out as "starring" with Duvall!!