Saturday, April 26, 2008


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Remember those nicknames some people had when growing up? Most have somehow stuck with them over the years. Clarene Evans Nanney recalls some of them in a Baldwyn newspaper article a year or so ago.


  1. Red Purvis real name was Earnest or Ernest. Slim Weldon was James M.

    Shorty Clayton was a bicycle newspaper delivery man who ran for county sheriff. His cards that he past out had his name only as Shorty Clayton on them.

  2. Carl,

    Some years back Buddy Spight sent me a list of over 250 nicknames of Baldwyn folk.


  3. Henry, that would make for some good reading if it was available! Wonder if any of us could recall that many people from the middle of last century?

    BTW, will try to have lunch with you and Larry at Baldwyn on the 9th if that is still on track. Keep me posted.

    As for Slim Weldon, first commenter, I'm sure his initials were J. S. - but do not know what they stand for.

  4. I recently heard from Slim's son Samuel Odell Weldon who lives in El Paso, Tx.

    Slim's name was Odell and he died 7 Mar 1975. His wife was Eva who died 1990. They are both buried at Baldwyn Masonic Cemetery.

  5. That's what I just found out, Milton. Look for a story on Slim tomorrow!


  6. The one thing I remember as a kid was the Slim always scared the "bejesus" out of us if we were messing around in Baldwyn, once Red and I were riding our motor scooters in town and he told us not to ever bring those things back to town again--(but we did)

  7. Jimmy Rutherford's nick name was "Race Horse" because they said he could outrun a horse.