Sunday, April 20, 2008

Is this the Tupelo Skating Rink?

-click to enlarge-

A reader from Corinth sent this photo. He (or she) is not completely sure that it was taken inside the Tupelo skating rink. It is dated 1959. Can anyone verify this? The floor layout appears to be the way I remember it. I saw it up close many times.

The Tupelo rink was located across from the Fairgrounds entrance, as best I can recall. It was near there if not directly across.

Thanks for the photo, We’ll try to get the experts here to assure the photo is or is not the Tupelo rink.


  1. Think you may be right about the floor, looks like Tupelo to me. It has been too long for me to be sure!


  2. The only way I would know for sure would be if that young man from Birmingham Ridge, who was there every night, was in the photo.

  3. Some of the elements I can think of are in the photo. Concrete block building, incandescent bulbs, steel beams. If that old jukebox was playing Maybellene I would be definately sure.


  4. There was also a skating rink in Thrasher about 1960 or so that looked similar.