Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Memories of "See Saw" Heflin

Robert "See Saw" Heflin

by David Heflin

Thoughts and prayers are needed for A GOOD GUY, vintage 1936 to the present while he seeks special attention in the swing bed unit of the Baldwyn Nursing Home from complications due to a Stroke earlier. Please, sometimes visit him along with Edith and T-Ann (daughter). He’s still a wonderful story teller and loves to reminisce about Baldwyn.

My memories of Robert will attempt to cover some my favorite highlights of my “adopted” big brother:

· During an elementary school stage program, his class was enacting favorite play activities with the teacher telling a story. At a given cue, Robert demonstrated his assignment by tilting his body from side to side with his arms straight out. At the top of his lungs, “SEE SAW, SEE SAW, SEE SAW…” over and over. He was strapped forever.

· Did you ever play ball at the Heflin’s? Occasionally, we timed it with Uncle Lloyd coming home for lunch or supper always carrying a sack of groceries greeted by Scrappy, the talented family German Shepherd. Soon, Aunt Ethel would yell out, “You boys want a few leftovers? Wash up and come in.” The table was covered with fresh vegetables and frequently baloney sliced to go between that fresh bread via Lloyd.- More than you could consume including cantaloupe, corn-on-the- cob and topped off with a fresh apple or peach cobbler. By the way, when the ball rested, some boys from Cemetery Road picked up the action day or night.

· See Saw led our Royal Ambassadors group at the Baptist Church. He was too young to drive so he walked us everywhere. We went to Blue Mars for a camping trip. My gear was an Army surplus cot (about 25 lbs.), a ragged quilt, and can of Spanish rice. I noticed that he didn’t bring anything. You guessed it. I shared the cot, quilt, and can of burned rice.

· We all hitch hiked to Tupelo and later, Booneville (Swimming Pool), but See Saw had a thing about going to Tupelo. One Saturday (could have been after dark, even) Bo Henry joined him. After getting let out at Five Points, they walked at least four blocks stopping at Aunt Ann’s (Miss Anna Bell Heflin, another legend for future stories). The routine was always the same, “You boys hungry?” “No ma'am.” “What you doing?” “Planning on going to the picture show.” “Got any money?” “No ma'am.” “Here’s a couple of quarters, and how much does popcorn cost?” She poured ample amount of change into See Saw’s hands.

· One recent story is an example of Robert’s amazing story telling ability. He described a basketball coach before Doc Vandiver who had a rare ability to build teams. If he noticed a junior high boy with some playground skills, he started talking to him. Then, he gave him a pair of tennis shoes plus a ball and basketball rim. Later, had the FFA construct him a backboard.

· Can you visualize the “opening jump ball” with Snow Shoe Rabbit jumping and always tipping to See Saw, who quickly flipped the ball behind his back with Harold running under the pass and scoring an easy lay up. Remember his claim to fame was that he could chase down rabbits.

Get well soon old friend. We want to hear many more Baldwyn tales and try to beat you at H-O-R-S-E. As I remember, you could put us out with a long distance hook shot, but you didn’t.

If you wish you may leave comments for See Saw in the comments area. Teresa will take them to him at the Nursing Home.

NOTE: There are many other Baldwynians that need special prayers. No name will be published here due to privacy concerns, unless requested. Think about your friends from our old times together and remember all of them in reverence. -CH


  1. Wonderful story, David. I could taste those groceries. I'm sure he has the same sense of humor as RA camping days.

  2. Best wishes for a quick recovery, Robert. Hope to stop by and see you soon.

  3. Well after having heard some of these stories and falling victim to the famous hook shot first hand, it was great to see them in another person's perspective. I'll take a moment to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers as well. I know you all will continue in these, so I want to take the time to assure you that "See Saw" will continue to battle back because we all know he never gives up. Thank you all, once again. I'll see you at home, Papaw!

    Jonathan Chaney

  4. Hi Robert,

    Here's hoping you can recover quickly. We RA members truly enjoyed all the camping trips that you took us on.

    Best regards,

    Joe Cunningham

  5. There's a new tenor in heaven's choir. He joined May 16 at 1:22 am.