Friday, April 4, 2008

Another Bearcat Team Photo

Photo courtesy of Larry Johnson
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One of the meanest of the mean to ever take to the field.

I have all identified but number 84 between Joe C. and Joe Murray.


  1. I think that is Richard Hughes


  2. I have "in the back of my mind" that his name is Jerry. That could be far from correct.

  3. I heard that Joe Grissom (second row, left) has died, and also another member of his family.
    Can anyone verify that?

  4. Wallis is correct. Richard Hughes, now deceased.

    Great picture, Larry. We were a tough bunch!!


  5. I get Aaron and Charles mixed up. Aaron is #71 and Charles is #78, right?

  6. Who is no. 70?


  7. Charles is definitely # 78 and I think brother Wyatt is the fifth from left on the back row.

  8. We need a name for the 4th from left top row number 67. Thanks.

  9. #67 is Doug Waters, Jewel Tapp's brother.

  10. Need help, too. Middle row third from right. Is that jimmy Waters, Mr. Nick's son?


  11. Middle row third from right is John Allen Lampkin who died last year. # 70 is Bobby Nichols who spent most of his life in IL, was at 2006 Okellla Fest. I agree with all Weatherford comments.

  12. John Lampkin
    ST. LOUIS - Retired U.S. Air Force Major John Allen Lampkin died Feb. 1, 2007, in St. Louis, Mo. Formerly of Baldwyn, he was a graduate of Baldwyn High School and the University of Kansas. He retired as Chief Communications Officer of the Air Rescue Service at Scott AFB, Ill. He served two deployments to Germany and two to Vietnam. He managed rental properties at Lebanon, Ill., and ran an antique business.

    His body was donated to a medical school for student study.

    Survivors include his wife, Sandra Backus Lampkin; two sons, Mark (Mitzi) and Mike (Terri); two grandchildren, Colin and Danielle; two brothers, A.J. "Jack" Lampkin of Lexington, Ky., and W.R. "Bill" Lampkin of Gulfport; and a sister-in-law, Marjorie Lampkin of Baldwyn.

    Appeared originally in the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 3/6/2007 6:00:00 AM, section A , page 4