Monday, April 28, 2008

1953 Halloween Party

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This was made at the Baldwyn First Baptist Church annex (old clinic) around Halloween 1953. I believe Mr. Shellnut made it with a very good quality camera.

Kids were dressed as appropriately as possible - seems no one had a witch or goblin costume. Who would want to make a witch out of those good looking girls anyway?

Sharpen up your pencils and see if you can conclude the identity of everyone. Remember, boys were dressed as girls in some cases. One boy wandered in off the street and I have blocked his face out so as not to confuse anyone - he was not part of our group.


  1. Did we ever decide that the one at top left was Melvin Duke or Bobby Thompson?

  2. I'll go to my grave thinking it's Bobby T.

  3. I'll bet money that the girl at lower left on the floor is a boy! Won't even guess as to whom it is, though.
    Girls didn't sit like that back then!

  4. Top, left to right, ? / Tommy / ? / Dean / Arch / ? / Enock / Joe Murry / James Bryant / Grover? / Wyatt
    Second row seated, ? / Sandra / Gloria Jean / Cynthia / ? / Linda / ? McVay / Phyllis / Norma Fay / Monte Jean
    On Floor, ? / Martha Rutherford? / ? McCarthy / Freida / Nancy McCarthy / ?

    Thais one has been hectic...

  5. Maybe Mary Catherine Lindley on bottom right.

  6. Possibly Billy Langely or Langley between Tom S and Dean R?

  7. Is that Carl Jr. on left of Enoch on back row?

  8. 2:22, right! Mary Catherine Lindley.

    3:46, I think you are correct. That is what several others thought.

    4:01, right, that be me.

    2:12 has just about all. Rachel Christian is seated at left. Lana McVay, at left on floor, is CHARLES WEATHERFORD - 1:33 was right. Grover is correct.

    That's all the names I remember.


  9. If that is Bobby Thompson, then I count 5 of those kids that are passed on. Right?

  10. Hey Gang, Well we're having a good time with this one-- I can help a little, the top left is me (Melvin) the girls below are ?-?-Gloria Cooper-Cynthia Lindley-Brenda Crabb-Linda-Lana Sue McVey (Kesler) Phyllis Herring-Norma Faye and Monte Jean--Now down on the first row-?-?-Linda McCarthy (Nancys' sister) Frida Rogers (Roberts) Nancy McCarthy and Mary Catherine Lindley-what do you think?

  11. I saw Charles Weatherford this morning & showed him the picture & he is the one on the left bottom row dressed as a woman. He said he won first place. He could name everyone in the picture.