Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Tupelo Swimming Pool

A favorite place in Tupelo was the swimming pool. It was the place to be in the summertime. It was very large, round, and with a diving tower in the middle which had a low diving board on one side and a higher one on the other. You had to wade out or swim to it.

Before going in you had to take a shower with water that was freezing. Before entering the pool area, you were made to walk through a low spot of chlorinated water. The chlorine smell burned your nose and took your breath. But once inside, that torture was forgotten when you saw the beauties in their tight swimsuits.

You could stay any length of time - all day if desired, for about 10 cents .

Jerry McClain

Ed. note: this is the pool we knew in the 50s. It was on, I believe, Joyner Street (or Avenue).


  1. That pool is gone now, but there is another covered, heated pool at the park.

  2. That is the pool that I remember, too.

    It was very hot concrete to have to walk on but the water was always about right

  3. This is the city pool that was on Church Street. Don't remember the cross-street name, would have to guess. Mr. Elkin of TKE Drug Store lived across street. His kids sold lemonade and cookies all the time.

  4. The pool was on the East side of Madison St. There is a walking track there now. The city pool is on Joyner.