Friday, May 16, 2008

Baldwyn Businesses - Ozelle's Cafe

This is the only photo we have of Leland and Ozelle Mullinix (standing) at one of their restaurants. They operated at three different locations over the years. This photo was taken about 1955 at the last location on US45 North near Thomas Street.

The first Church of Christ was built at the SW corner of main and "new" highway 45. It was later torn down and a gas station built. Later, Ozelle and Leland put in a cafe and gas station there. In 1939 they moved the restaurant to main street. It was located about 2 doors west of Tom's Drug Store.

Their previous store was bought by George Bingham, Christine's father. He operated it until 1940 and then moved to the Pan-Am station and cafe north of the school on the highway. The building at main and 45 was destroyed by the tornado in 1942, and in '45 Lucian Caldwell built his bus station and gas station on that property.

Leland, a woodworker, usually let Ozelle operate the cafe, and only helped when he wasn't busy at his home woodworking shop on North Second Street. Some good meals were provided at their cafes. One especially remembered by myself was the veal cutlet and fries platter.

A longtime cook was Mae Madison, whom you may have read about in other posts on this blog, and Don Watson may have flipped a few burgers there.

There was a jukebox that played loudly all the time and it had an outside speaker connected for the customers in cars to hear. The city wrote an ordinance -No Outside Speakers- so they moved the speaker inside and placed it in a window that was open. Problem solved.

After the restaurant business, Leland and Ozelle operated a nursing home in Booneville for several years. They both passed away in 1988, he in February and she in June.



  1. Hamburger steak was awesome also, with the fries of course.

  2. Speaking of the fries, you can't get that kind anymore. They were home raised and sliced big and thick, very tasty by being fried just right. They were a meal in themselves, drenched with hot sauce and ketchup.

  3. Ozelle's all meat dressed cheeseburgers were my favorite. Of course, topped off with french fries, lots of catsup and a coke.


  4. Does anyone remember the name of the waitress that worked ther, the one that we called Alice Faye? Not her name but she looked just like the actress by that name? She dated R B Adams.

  5. The girls name was Billie Fay Key
    according to one who also worked at Ozelle's.

  6. I believe that's her name. Thanks. Boy do I remember her lovely face, but the name is lost in memory a long time ago.
    Didn't she have a brother named Wallace?