Monday, May 19, 2008

Baldwyn Beta Club 1961


Photo: Milton Copeland
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This is an old photo of, it is believed, the Beta Club gathering some time around 1961. Lots of familiar faces here. Want to try your guess at the names? We do have all the IDs if you hit a wall.

Thanks, good response! This may instead be members of the "B" Club (those who lettered). IDs as we have been given them:

1- Larry Carpenter, 2- Gary Norman, 3- Robert Jobe, 4- Jackie Cole, 5- Kenneth Lauderdale, 6- James Downs, 7- Johnny Miller, 8- Jerry Prather, 9- Pat Cox, 10- Jerry McGee, 11- Red Shelton, 12- David Rowan, 13- Danny Searcy, 14- David Greenhill, 15- Charles Chism, 16- J. C. Chism, 17- Robert Coggins, 18- Jerry Palmer, 19- Bobby Burns, 20- Joe Agnew, 21- Mancil Pruitt, 22- Teddy Love, 23- Robert Johnson, 24- Danny Mink, 25- Houston Wood, 26- Milton Wesson, 27- Walter Gentry, 28- Charles Pace.


  1. I don't believe this is the Beta Club as I see some people in there that I don't think was in the club
    Could be wrong.LOL

  2. Okay, if no one else will take a stab and I may miss some.
    Larry Carpenter, Gary Norman, Robert Jobe, Jackie Cole, Kenneth Lauderdale, James Downs
    2nd & 3rd row:
    Jerry Prather, Joe Agnew, Pat Cox, Jerry McGee, Red Shelton, David Rowan, Danny Searcy, David Greenhill, Charles Chism, J C Chism, Robert Coggins, Jerry Palmer Bobby Burns, Charles Pace, Johnny Miller
    Mansel Pruitt, Teddy Love, Robert Hugh Johnson, Danny Mink, Houston Woods (where is he?), Milton Wesson, Walter Gentry, Charles Pace.


  3. Can someone id the football players. What model vehicle is that to the right?

  4. Huse Wood is Teaching at the Univ of Virginia:

    Jim G

  5. What does he teach, Jim?

    Joe C.

  6. Advanced Mathematics...Huse is one more smart cookie

    Jim G

  7. I think that I sold Huse short at UV. He is quoted in the New York Times. Houston G. Wood III, is a centrifuge expert at the University of Virginia.

    Now the record is corrected.

    Jim G

  8. That's definitely not the Beta Club, it's the "B" Club, guys that lettered in sports. If it were the Beta, there would be mostly girls.

  9. I definitely had reservations about the Beta Club idea. I had emailed a copy to Robert Jobe in Florida and he could not remember for sure and made that suggestion. Thanks for the clarification.

  10. After going through several boxes of my backup CDs I finally located the email from Robert Jobe and he does say that he thinks this was a "B Club" meeting.
    My fuzzy memory came up with the Beta Club idea, so my apologies to friend Robert.
    Also forgot to mention that I scanned the picture from an original loaned to me by James Downs

  11. I can not believe that anyone in their right mind would think that was the beta club. Everyone known that Robert Hugh Johnson, and Johnny "Bull" Miller did not make an "c" average.