Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dave Heflin's

A. Name five members of the Sportsmen Quartet? Who were their sponsors on TV?

B. Where was the first Rec Center of our generation? The second?

C. What did the following kids have in common? Jill Anthony? George Mitchell?

D. What wonderful events were hosted by girls during the summers of '53-'58?
Name two of the most commonly played songs?
Games we really enjoyed at Linda Johnson's? Nancy McCarthy's? Mary Ellen Vandiver's?

E. Who claimed to have read every book in the Guntown Library?

F. Name the annual worst day of all students' lives? Hint: long line down the hall.

G. Name the local high school beauty (outstanding basketball forward) that was rumored to have dated Elvis?

H. Name at least three ways for guys to prove that you were “going steady.” Two ways for girls?
Who still has their own class ring?


  1. F- The Belt Line! Sometimes (and when they got me), it was 100 yards long on the football field!

  2. SeeSaw, his brother, was it Loyd? Simon, and Dean Hill. There was another one.
    The sponser was Martha White?

  3. Piano player was George Martin who is now married to Dr. Griffin (retired) in Baldwyn.

  4. G. Maxine Lomenick. I heard it from more people than her, so it could be true.

  5. "Games we really enjoyed at Linda Johnson's? Nancy McCarthy's? Mary Ellen Vandiver's?"


  6. H---One way for boys: her class or any ring on a chain around his neck.

    Two for girls---his ring on a necklace or his sweater.

  7. Jim said...

    F- The Belt Line!

    Another pitfall: when going thru the beltline, don't fall! They'll cover you and beat the tar out of you before you can get up and get going again.


    A. The Sportsman or Sportsmen Quartet (our boys used both names) were Robert "See Saw" Heflin, Lloyd "Junior" Heflin, Raymond McCoy, Simon "Buddy" Spight, and pianist, George Martin. Their sponsors on the television shows were Sunshine Mills and Martha White Flour; on radio, Spain Funeral Home plus others.

    B. The Tabernacle was the first of our generation, and when it was removed due to a new hospital, it was located just west of Highway 45 nearly behind Joe Murray's house.

    C. George Mitchell visited his grandparents many summers, plus Jill Anthony was a niece and frequent visitor to the Mack Jones' family.

    D. Dances and more dances. Carports (Monte Jean's), living rooms (with the carpet rolled back), even the Guntown Library, and yards were popular impromptu settings. The kissing version of "Blind Man's Bluff" was another game plus "Post Office".

    E. "Hap" Horton

    F. I had in mine the annual visit by Public Health Nurses and the painful shots.

    G. Yeah, the beautiful Maxine Lominick.

    H. Going steady had more than three "signs" , but I was remembering the wearing the FFA jacket (her name monogrammed on the left side?). Of course the class ring. Do you remember the sharing of fries and two straws in one big orange drink?