Friday, May 29, 2009

Baldwyn Kids

Top: An outing at Homochitto National Forest near Brookhaven, MS. Left to Right- Brenda Waters, Judy Bryant, a local guy from that area, and Virginia Tapp, chaperone.

Lower: Tom, Wallis, Herb and David on a recess in front of BHS.

Upper photo courtesy of Clarene Evans.
Lower photo courtesy of Jim Greene.


  1. Whose vehicle is that?

  2. I think Wallis drove a 51 Ford, then later a 55.


  3. The Mercurys and Fords of that era sounded good with Smitty mufflers and would really outrun everything but the Pontiacs and Oldsmobiles with bigger gas guzzling motors. Wendell Harkey and Red Holland made a racetrack out of highway 45.

    Ralph Pennington stopped all the racing around Baldwyn.