Monday, May 25, 2009

Wheeler 54, Baldwyn 52

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Tournament time, 1957? or 1958 - unsure of correct year. I'll bet some of you will know.

Clipping courtesy of Betty Massengill.


  1. I read on your blog last year that Grandle Barron played on three different school teams in three years (from Bobby Hamblin). How did he do that?

    I believe this tournament year would be 1958, maybe.

  2. The Saylors twins graduated in 1957. This was a good basketball game where Wheeler put on their patented stall which caused some Baldwyn fans to be unhappy.

    Grandle played at Wheeler in 1957, New Site in 1958 and back to Wheeler in 1959.

  3. Johnny still holds single game scoring record for BHS; received award for that a couple of years ago.

  4. "Stalling the ball" was indeed Wheeler's game plan. It was practiced rigorously until perfection at all practice sessions.

  5. Bobby McCarley took over the game late and started hitting long jumpers but it wasn't enough.

  6. I thought Grandle Barron also played a year at Thrasher, but maybe I am mistaken. Later he coached at Thrasher, didn't he? Some believe a little bit of recruiting went on in those days. Barron wasn't the only player who moved from one school to another. But I wouldn't know for sure, since I wasn't good enough for any coach to want to recruit me (though I did move from Baldwyn to Booneville my junior year).