Monday, June 1, 2009

Unusual Hobby for a Teenager

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Almost all of us in the Baldwyn 1950s had a hobby. There was a large variety of common and unusual things for us to pursue to occupy our time (even chasing the opposite sex).

Gerald was a very talented and self-taught taxidermist. I saw examples of his early work.

He has gone on to bigger and better hobbies since this article was published. He still has a hands-on approach to things, one of the most complex was building and flying his own aircraft.


Article courtesy of Jacque McVey, Pensacola, Florida.


  1. Quite an accomplishment at his age. Those boll weevils don't have a chance with Gerald studying them.

  2. Carl do you roam the world getting stuff like this? Who is the McVey guy?

  3. My world traveling is over and I'm an old "stick in the mud" guy - rarely go over a few hundred miles from home.

    Jacque (pronounced Jack) is Mr. Garley McVey's son and Marie Evans' brother.

    Got some old clips and photos from him while visiting last week.

  4. A friend with the MSU Extension Service told me recently how many boll weevils were found in all of MS last year....I'll ask Gerald to give that answer.

    The writer of the article didn't have enough time or space to tell about all of Gerald's many hobbies at that age....including photography...he developed his own film in his shop while in Jr. High...I was the target of many of those photos ! One of his hobbies included his pet CROW, Alec....

    The article does mention the patience required to be a taxadermist....God gave Gerald ALL the patience in our family!

    Should anyone wish to know any details about the construction of his RV-6....he has a detailed log of every hour he worked on it....including a description of the work performed each time...maybe he'll add how many total hours he spent building it !

    Anyone wishing to see the RV-6, it will be one of many at our annual PETALS FOR PATRIOTS at the Pontotoc County Airport on Saturday, June 13th from 10AM 'til 2PM.

  5. Carl, I was glad to see that the teachers were added to the in memorium list. Please add Mr. John Leonard Howard, 13 June 1964 and Miss Rosa Lee White, July 1976.

  6. Carl, Also please ad Mr. J.B. Baker, 5 Dec 1983 and Mrs. Miriam Baker 17 Dec 1997 to the in memorium teachers list. Thanks.

  7. Didn't Gerald catch a record fish of some sort?