Thursday, April 2, 2009

Parlor Courting

Boys and their dates would have a lot of fun at get-togethers at one's home years ago. One excuse to invite kids over was that you might have at least one new "hot" record to play on the portable 45/78 machine. Shown enjoying an evening together (upper photo) is Billy Short, Jo Carolyn Anderson, Bobby Grisham, and Pat McGuire. Also shown (lower) is Jo and Pat discussing something. The time is probably about 1952. Jo remembers the Okolona trips to Wilson Park and writes:

"The pictures of the Okolona pool brought back memories of when Pat McGuire and I would go there. She always had friends who were willing chauffeurs for us. I remember riding home one night with windows down and our long hair blowing as we sang "You'll Never Walk Alone" at the top of our lungs. I always think of that night when I hear that song".

"Pat was the golden girl with the flaxen hair who could talk anyone into doing anything. She got me into a lot of trouble. When I was supposed to be preparing supper, she would "steal" me away from my chore. She was brave enough to wear shorts into town which was a kind of no-no in the early 50s. I was her cohort. My mother didn't think that was so cute. Going barefoot downtown was also a daring thrill. How we walked on the hot pavement, I don't know."

"These pictures were taken at my house just before I moved away."

Thanks for the photos and story, Jo.


  1. Great pictures all right. Just a few years ago Pat was married to Tom Cole and lived in Clinton, MS.

  2. Baldwyn had a monopoly on beautiful girls in those days. You have posted a very good example of that with Jo Carolyn and Pat.

    More, please!

  3. Where is Bobby Grisham now????

  4. Bobby Grisham retired as school teacher in West Memphis several years ago and I read in Baldwyn Paper some years ago that he is now deceased.

  5. I knew Pat, we lived next to her family on West Main for many years, I can safely say -- Pat was the most "Bubbly" person I have ever known, when she smiled, even her eyes smiled-- I'm proud to say I know her----

    John M

  6. Yep, she was June Allyson, only prettier for sure.

  7. To all the girls I've loved before

    Who traveled in and out my door

    I'm glad they came along

    I dedicate this song

    To all the girls I've loved before


  8. Did Julio or Willie graduate from BHS?

    I agree with you, Anon 7:06AM

  9. Bobby Grisham never had the football after high school that everyone expected because he had a leg injury working for Johns Manville in Wisconsin between his junior and senior year. He was almost as fast as his cousin Jimmy Rutherford and a lot stronger.

  10. Nobody could run as fast as Jimmy Rutherford but Bobby was plenty fast.