Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Sports clips and 1954 Grads photos

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All photos self-explanatory

Some reminders of the great teams from Baldwyn and Wheeler, and of the greatest moments of some of the games.

Wheeler won state championships in 1955 and if my memory is correct in 1957 also.

Clips courtesy of Betty Smith Massengill.


  1. Carl was it 57 or 58 when Wheeler their other title? Escapes me too.

    Go Eagles!

  2. It was 59 with Grandle Barron.

  3. What happened to first alternate at the Beauty Pageant?

  4. And by 1959, the coaching for Wheeler had changed from Harrison to Richard Arnold, his son.

  5. I believe the 59 Wheeler starting team was Grandle Barron, Pete Dixon, Jack Downs, Sam?? Lindsey and Lyn Coats coached by Richard Arnold. I think they lost only one game.

  6. Joe C.

    Great left hand lay up. Sorry I don't have a picture of your fancy dribbling. Next time your in Baldwyn, call Johnny and we will go to the gym and you can do a replay and I will take a picture

    Betty M.

  7. You're too kind, Betty. It might be hard to duplicate, though.

    Joe C.