Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1943 Bearcats Football Team

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Pictured are the '43 'Cats with Coach Vandiver.

Front L-R: M. Williams, Billy Bludworth, T. Mauldin, C. Cox, J. Chisholm, K. Castleberry, B. McGee, J. Barber.

Back row L-R: R. Waters, D. Waters, D. Magers, T. Gower, Coach Vandiver, E. Conlee, T. Lindley, Jimmy Cunningham, D. Patch, and Tommy Ford, manager.

First names are only indicated by an initial, need some help with those, please. Thought of a couple, but not all.

Clipping sent by Betty Massengill and Cynthia Mink.


  1. Malvern Williams, Billy Bludworth, Tom Mauldin, ?, Jack Chisholm, ?, Bill McGee?, ?

    ?, Dub Waters, Dexter Magers, E.G. Conlee, Taylor Lindley, Dan Patch

  2. Kelly Castleberry

  3. T. Charles Gower.

    Malvern Williams and E.G. Conlee are both deceased.

  4. Great photo! The only two I readily recognize are T. Charles and Jimmy Cunningham. Also, great photo of a very young and dapper Doc Vandiver.

  5. I remember Billy Wayne Castleberry but not Kelly. Were they related?

    Did Conlee operate the store on highway 45 south?

  6. castleberry's were my 1st cousins, the children were: paul,hubert,hollis,kelly,billy wayne and twin sister betty jane

    betty massengill

  7. I don't think I ever knew E.G. Conlee. But, I did know the owner and operator of the grocery and service station on old Hwy 45. That was Johnny & Tranny Conlee. Their son Jerry and I were good friends growing up and he and his wife Linda, who currently serves as city clerk, still live in Baldwyn.

  8. It was Johnny's store. E.G. was his brother. He was married to my aunt.

  9. Can ya'll remember the monkey in a cage at Conlee's store? He was brought to Baldwyn by, I believe, Leland Thomas after some of the auto dealers who went to Chicago bailed him out of jail for being drunk. Or, so we were told.

    He had an attitude!