Saturday, October 11, 2008

Did Size Really Matter?

This is the roster of Baldwyn Bearcat players and notes the team number, position, and weight of each. It is in a program from a game against Selmer (TN) many years ago. The weight of the players in those days is comparatively small to the weight of players for high school teams these days, I find after checking a couple of school stats in Memphis.

Weight aside, these were hard-hitting boys that could really pack a punch due to proper diet, training, exercise, and DETERMINATION.

From the Ellen Mink Collection.
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  1. Corn bread and vegetables and no fast food. Great to see Stan Hendrix on the Okelala festival pictures.

  2. Corn whiskey and Schlitz Tall Boys every once in a while put a little fire in 'em!

  3. Burgers and fries from Al's, Gentry's, Ozelle's, and Chris' cafes were not deemed junk food- they were magnificent meals.

    Milkshakes and banana splits from Larry's Dairy Bar were essential to the body bulk.

    That's the food that made the guys tough (grin).

  4. What made them so good-looking?

  5. Corn bread and black-eyed peas again, along with some buttermilk.