Thursday, October 9, 2008

Can You Match the Names?

Some old early and preschool photos of friends we grew up with. See if you can match the name to the photo image.


A- Ellis Christian
B- Phyllis Herring
C- Monte Caldwell
D- Herb Spivey
E- Carl Houston, Jr.
F- James "Big Apple" Tapp
G- Tom Shellnut
H- Nancy McCarthy
I- Barbara Bryson
J- Clarene Evans
K- John Melvin Duke
L- Danny Copeland
M- Joe Murray Davis
N- Marjorie Purvis
O- Norma Faye Davis
P- Rachel Christian


  1. I think 3 is John Melvin Duke, 2 is Ellis Wayne, and 4 is Rachel Christian.

  2. 1.Clarene, 2. Ellis, 3. Melvin, 4. Rachel, 5. Danny, 6. Big Apple & Herb, 7. Phyllis, 8. Monte, 9. Marjorie, 10. Barbara, 11. Nancy, 12. Norma, 13. ?, 14. Tommy, 15. Carl, 16. Joe M., 17. Wallis

  3. Is that Ellis Wayne or Clyde Barrow?

  4. That's Carl Jr. with Big Apple, they are related, cousins, I think. 17 IS Herb!

  5. What hapened to Marjorie Purvis? I have never heard from her since 10th grade.

  6. She married Milton Nanney's cousin Elvis Kitchens and they moved up north. I know he passed away but haven't heard about her. Clarene would probably know.

  7. To 3:53
    Carl didn't want to pass on "unlucky 13" to anyone else, so he left it out.

  8. Best pose of # 3 JMD.

  9. Clarene has a cute pose. Dainty little thang, ain't she?

  10. OK, how about: 1. Clarene, 2. Ellis, 3. Melvin, 4. Rachel, 5. Danny, 6. Big Apple & Carl, 7. Phyllis, 8. Monte, 9. Marjorie, 10, Barbara, 11. Nancy, 12, Norma, 13. anon, 14. Tommy, 15, Wallis, 16. Joe M., 17. Herb.

  11. I may be wrong but don't believe Monte is in the group. She didn't come back to Baldwyn until she was in the 5th grade, when her dad got out of med school, and all these students are younger than that.