Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baldwyn CB Club, 1962

Jim Miller writes:

Here is a photo of our CB club about 1962. Front row left to right, Charles Morris, James Hutcheson, Raymond Miller, Jodie Mears. Second row, Morton Ricks, Gerald Hodges, B.E. Ozbirn. I don't recall the others. I am third from left on back row.

CB (Citizen's Band) low-powered communications radios for ordinary public usage were introduced in the early to mid-50s and were an instant hit. Small businesses that needed to control their delivery trucks were one intention of the devices. The costs were minimal, and sometimes the operating characteristics were, too. Changing atmospheric conditions affected the reliability of the radio equipment, sometimes causing poor results.

The phenomenon still was widely accepted and enjoyed by hobbyists. You could buy a ready to operate unit, or for the adventurous, a kit form could be built and if it worked, bragged about. Clubs formed, as new things will dictate, and CB clubs sprang up widely as an adjunct means of public service communications for entities such as law enforcement and fire departments in small towns, etc.

These Baldwynians were no exception. They performed a duty or at least trained to be of any assistance in communications to any department when needed.

Photo: Jim Miller
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  1. Has John Wesson passed away? I'm sure all of you have some tales of contacts made over the years in many locales.

  2. Yeah, it would be great for some cb'ers to post about their experiences and people they have met.

  3. John Wesson died a few years back while I will still in Guntown. He was a very smart man and a likable one as well. I got to know him too late in his life but appreciated him nonetheless. We became friends aned he talked a lot about Guntown in the old days.

  4. John and wife Helen were both veteran Ham radio folks and influenced many of us to pursue that hobby back in the early 50s.
    John D., Jimmy Green, Herbert, Lanny Outlaw and I are some of the ones I can recall, but I'm sure there were others.