Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More scenes from the old Shiloh Battle Movie

A scene lifted from the old movie shows a Rebel charge including 1-Henry Outlaw, 2-Jack Christian, 3-Ellis Wayne Christian, 4-Jim Agnew, 5-Wyatt Weatherford, and 6- possibly Bruce McElroy.

During the battle at the Hornet's nest, the brave Yankee rifleman, Henry Outlaw, raises up to get off a good shot. This is his worst mistake...

...as he is 'cut down' with opposing deadly fire and falls headfirst over the fence and lies hanging there. His day is done, so to speak.

Near the end of the movie, the battlefield hospital accepts another wounded soldier to be attended to by the Union surgeon portrayed by Dr. R. B. Caldwell.


  1. don't let him operate on me. not enough nurses to help him.

    1. Jerry, you are a dirty old man! Nurses, indeed! They were lucky to have painkillers other than rotgut whisky then. Call me sometime.

  2. When amputations had to be performed, know what the doctors used for tying off veins and arteries? Hair from a horse's tail or mane. This was used if there was no abundant supply of heavy thread.