Monday, April 16, 2012

Old Shiloh film Retired

"Shiloh - Portrait of a Battle" (1956) has enjoyed almost 56 years of daily showing at the Shiloh NP theater. Highly acclaimed and seen by untold thousands, it has been the longest running film in the National Park Service and in Tennessee. Several Baldwyn teens and others were featured in the film; they have a distinction that few other actors have succeeded in - having been in a feature film that ran so long.

 I have a few outake stills from the movie to post here.

TOP - Second from right and back: Charles Weatherford, Elbert Outlaw, Grover Thomas and Henry Outlaw. Partially shown is James P. McWhorter.

CENTER: Robert Marion Thomas drives a team on the muddy roads.

LOWER: Grover Thomas (foreground), John Olan Cunningham left and unidentified man (Ben Means?) on right.

This was a good summer project for these reenactors. More photos to come whenever I can get time.


  1. I recall seeing that film many years ago and several more times later in life. Very interesting production. Sorry to see it retired.

    1. The new film is super, Jim. The great thing about the old one is that we have known and lived near movie stars for over 50 years now.

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  3. Bloops: Looks like Elbert and whoever is cut into on the right have confederate hats on over their union uniforms

  4. The scene with the Confederate wounded being taken to Corinth was filmed off of highway 30 n of Frankstown. I was a wounded Confederate soldier on a crutch being helped by either Gordon McCarley or Forrest Barber. Who can remember after 50 years and who would know me with out glasses?