Saturday, April 21, 2012

More photos of Shiloh 1955 movie Filming Scenes

Marching along the Tennessee River at Pittsburg Landing is Bobby Tom Outlaw (right) and an unidentified soldier.

A rebel charge scene showing Henry Outlaw second from left, Dewey Basden to Henry's left, and Bernis Lewis behind Mr. Basden. Man on right is unidentified as is the one between Henry and Dewey. This appears to be in the Peach Orchard in the blooming season.

Making a somewhat impressive looking southern officer is Jack Christian riding along the muddy road into battle.

From "Shiloh Portrait of a Battle" movie. Click on images to enlarge.


  1. I got a number to call to maybe get a copy of the old movie - 731-689-3475. When I called several weeks ago, I was told to try back in a couple of weeks, which I haven't gotten around to doing.

    Joe C.

    1. I bought a package deal at the visitors center at Shiloh that had the old movie and the new movie in it with a booklet with some info on making the old movie with some pictures of Claude and others including Jack Devaughn. Where is Jack Devaughn?

  2. That was a great picture of Jack Christian on horse leaving Shiloh. I remember being right behind Jack on a big black stallion. Just wondered if there are any more pictures like this?