Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Old Basketball Newspaper Item

I don't remember if I sent ya'll this article or not, but here it is anyway. Back in the day, Daddy was a "stringer" for one of the Memphis newspapers and occasionally sent in articles that they published.  I'm not sure, but I suspect the "Evening Appeal" was a predecessor to the "Commercial Appeal".  I found this interesting in that they actually played Ole Miss AND BEAT THEM!  This was a semi-pro team I believe that got together and played in the area.  I think that the Grisham mentioned was Forest Grisham.  The last name, Blackard, I think was Arnold Blackard, who later owned a restaurant/hamburger shop next to Daddy's pool room in Tupelo across from the courthouse next to where the "Stables" restaurant is now located.  The others I just don't know about.  Maybe some of your readers can answer some of these questions.

From Robert H. Palmer. Thanks, Robert. Hope the image size is OK, I have to get the size right for this and mobile devices also, and sometime it is a guess only situation. -CH

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  1. Forest Grisham didn't look like a ballplayer that was that good (small in stature) and was never at games in later years but he must have been a real competitor.