Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A little tongue-in-cheek look at BHS football in the 50s from Robert Hamlin... 


--To be read atthe dedication of the Slewfoot statue
                                    on Main Street in Baldwyn, Mississippi,
                                    duringthe 2012 Okeelala Festival
Muse of football jocks and fans,
Of epic contests, fierce and gory,
Give me words to sing in praise
Of Slewfoot’s claim to fame and glory.
Two great teams—Bearcats and Aggies—
Locked in scoreless, mortal fight;
To claim the prized Tombigbee crown
Would be the victor’s hard-earned right.
Homeric strife as gridiron foes
Up and down the field collide,
Passes caught and tackles made,
With no clear edge to either side.

Until, the Bearcats backed against their goal,
First and ten too far away,
But Bearcats’ fans need have no fear,
Slewfoot’s leg would save the day.

Slewfoot was the Bearcats’ punter,
An awesome, mighty leg had he,
And when he put his foot to ball
’Twas a marvelous sight for all to see.

Heflin‘s snap was straight and true,
Slewfoot’s catch was just as fair.
But when he stepped to kick the ball,
His foot found only . . . empty air.
Rise up, Outlaw, Reynolds, Christian,
And all the gallant Bearcat band,
You must now save your buddy Slew
From infamy with a goal-line stand.
And that they do. They stop the Aggies,
Then Rutherford breaks a touchdown run.
The Bearcats win!  And Slewfoot’s gaffe
Proves no disgrace, but only fun.

More Tombigbee titles would be won,
But Slewfoot’s feat fans still recall:
Batters, even golfers, whiff, but only once
Has punter flat out missed the whole dang ball!



  1. You outdid yourself, Robert.

  2. Hee, haw! great ruse on Slewfoot. Love these old stories!

  3. Can anyone identify the bearcat players in the picture. Thanks.

  4. Someone did ID them at some time in the past - let me go back and check. May take a day or so... it appears Phil Gorden is receiving the ball.

  5. from larry Johnson:

    know most..from left on line, Bill Weatherford,Mose Garrett,Billy Dillard,me(Jim Agnew regular,but he was sick that day),one of the Herrings,Charles Fray Cooper, Bobby Tom Outlaw, Backs: Phil Gorden for sure and I know one is Jack Christian, and Maybe Mert Phillips.

  6. Could that be Jack, Mert, Jimmry Rutherford?

  7. Maybe Luther Ray McMillan, Mert and Jack.

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  9. I have some Baercat annuals and photos of Gail Coggins Dillard that I would like to give away.