Friday, February 19, 2010

June 1964 Parade

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Some street scenes from the 1964 crossroads celebration. Notice the town was still lively then, quite a few people handy for the parade including the gentleman in overalls in the lower photo.

These photographs were made, I believe, at the same time as the one we use every June showing the parade coming west from town.

The band majorettes and band members didn't have their uniforms at that time. One of the girls in the center photo has tentatively been identified as Linda Gail White. Hope that is correct, and can someone identify the other two?

The upper photo is a marching column of the "Mississippi Grays" turning the corner at North Second and Clayton Streets (Al's Cafe used to be on this corner, it is now the PCEPA).

The stores shown are easily identified... The Farmers and Merchants Bank, Shellnut's, and the Philco Store owned and operated by Walter Sprinkle, Tom's Drug Store sign, etc.

Thanks to Robert Palmer for submitting these photos.

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  1. That's is definitely Linda Gail White in the center, looks like Lynn Murphy on the left and probably Martha Ann Miller on the right. All of them were majorettes.