Monday, February 15, 2010

Cowboy Music Trio

A photo from the early 1960s with Ralph Pennington on guitar/vocals, "Googe" Prather (center) on vocals, and Simon Spight on harmonica/vocals.

This band had a name but I cannot remember it. Maybe some of you can.

As you may recall, there were many good singers in Baldwyn; Googe Prather and Simon Spight were especially involved in christian and gospel music. Ralph was a very good guitar player and country singer. I understand he also sang gospel, but I personally never heard him do that.

From a clipping out of the Baldwyn Weekly News. The setting appears to be the BHS stage.


  1. Googe, Red Purvis, and Gordon McCarley was a big sound in the old tabernacle.

    Lots of local talent was on the Tupelo and Booneville radio stations, too.

  2. I think it was Roy McCarley; also Mr T.D. Gentry, Seesaw and Jr Heflin, George Martin among others.