Sunday, November 22, 2009

Miscellaneous Clippings and Photos

Upper: Clipping from the Baldwyn Weekly News showing 13 year old Mickey Yarbrough after serving as a page in the state House of Representatives.

Center: Mary Katherine Lindley as a GA officer. Young girl is unidentified. Photo from Betty Massengill.

Lower is one of the better photos of our famous old GM&O railroad depot in an already deteriorating condition in July 1967. Discovered and submitted by Milton Copeland.

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  1. Is the little girl with Mary Catherine a Stovall?

  2. God bless Tommy and the Carnes family. Sorry to hear about his death.

  3. I think the little girl with Mary K. is Gina Prentiss.

  4. I think it is Regina also.

  5. If common sense had prevailed and money appropriated, we could have had a neat little depot museum. Simon's collection might have been prominently on display there.
    The old depot was a busy place at one time and should have been kept in some manner.

  6. Yep ya'll, it Gina Prentiss with Mary Catherine Lindley. Ain't she cute?

  7. Mickey was a great guy. I was sorry to hear of his passing recently.

  8. It was a big event for a train to stop and stay a while in Baldwyn. I remember quite q few per day with several passsengers.

    Even when a train just roared through, we would stop what we were doing and count the number of cars and wait to see the caboose.

    A military train with army stuff was always intriguing to see.

  9. Mother tells me that when we lived on Latimer Street, she would stand me up in a cardboard box by the window to watch the trains go by. And when we lived down by the milk plant, I would wave to the soldiers on the troop trains. The depot was a magical place with people leaving to go on a short shopping trip to Tupelo or to strange places "up north" to begin a new life.