Sunday, November 29, 2009

1958 FFA Judging Team Winners

A clipping from the local newspaper showing the FFA judging team winners. Please note that the upper photos are reversed from the text identifications.

The FFA was an exciting and well liked course for some students. I learned about welding while a member, something I used quite a lot in my career.

Submitted by Tom Shellnut. Click on photo to enlarge.


  1. Weekly News got the top photo decriptions reversed but never mind. Mr Cooper Quincy was another dedicated teacher.

  2. Who is/was Mitchell Weatherford?

  3. Is Mitchell the little brother of Charles Wayne Weatherford, class of 1958? We called Charles the apolitically-correct name of Clubfoot.,

  4. Mitchell may have been Charles Wayne's brother, they certainly resembled one another.

    Mitchell was in my class (1960) up until 1958 when they moved away. I ran into him in the mid 60's near Nettleton, so he may have finished school down there. mc

  5. Mitchell is Clubfoots little brother..they moved to Aurora, Ill and later some time he moved back down here out near Mantachie somewhere. If you know where Club lives his mother moved back down here to the house to the east..She was Cecil Griffins sister..

  6. I was dissapointed when I saw the pictures and didn't see Robert Hugh Johnson when He was on it. Mr. Hoover was certainly proud of Robert Hugh's accomplishments on the team.

  7. Carl,
    When are we going to see a new picture; this one has been here for about 2 weeks.