Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1958 BHS Class History

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This is a very condensed history of the '58 class. Hilarious as it may be, it has some very great memories, especially to those mentioned by name.

I am sure there was quite a bit more that could be written about those years. Please add any other things you can remember to the comments!

Submitted by Cynthia Mink. I wish I knew who the author of this is in order to give he or she credit. This is an excerpt from the Baldwyn Weekly News, I assume.


  1. Which Brenda is referred to in the knife incident?

  2. Mr Loftin had some unusual and bizarre punishment. It wasnt violent but I think he liked to see mild corrective actions pushed to the limits, he made me and another guy stand back to back for half an hour once,. That was very tiring, we kept pushing at each other.

  3. I think that this is the class that did a western play for their senior play. They were dressed as cowboys, with hats and guns. They had blanks in their guns and would use them as needed.
    What sticks out in my memory was Wallace Nelson and Charles W. Weatherford (Clubber) were the worst at firing their guns. After a while Charles W. Weatherford started firing his gun about every time someone was trying to say their lines.
    I really enjoyed the play.

  4. This is a great reminder of the way it was, as Walter Kronkite used to say.
    We all really appreciate reading about those days when we were struggling with homework, girlfriends, boyfriends, and they were really great times.
    Good article!


  5. That was Brenda Waters.

  6. I remember that senior play. It was a musical comedy and had everything from square dancin' to romancin'. Something about a dude ranch.

  7. I still have my copy of that play,,it was called "Girl Crazy" The list of characters were:
    Jake..Mickey Yarbrough..caretaker
    Danny..Tom Shellnut..playboy
    Louie..Wallis Nelson taxie driver
    Catus..Larry Roberts. cowboy
    Lucky..Stanley Hendrix..cowboy
    Pete..Dean Bradley..Mexican bandit
    Lank..Charles Weatherford. a killer
    Molly..Mary mistress
    Tess,,Betty Smith,,Rose..Brenda Waters,,,Betty..Sue Downs,,Janet..Juanita chisolm,,Laura..Fredia Rogers,,Sally..Ann Rowan,,,Babs..Francis Wildman
    They were all characters from Chicago and East
    Sam Mason,,David Gentry,,playboy
    Eaglerock..Enoch Gentry,,a Indian
    Lieutenant Caddigan..Melvin Duke. state police..
    Then last but not least Girls of the Golden West..Anne,,Cynthia and Gaile,,We had a blast doing it..