Friday, August 28, 2009

1942 BHS Senior Class

Some time ago, someone asked if we had a photo of the 1942 senior class.

I recently noticed this framed photo on a restaurant wall and took it with the best clarity as possible.

Hope you can make all the images out well enough. The ceiling lights are reflected and a glass over the photo makes it distorted somewhat.


Image used with permission of Lana Sue McVey Kesler and Agnew's Restaurant in Pratts, MS. Click to enlarge.


  1. Carl have you seen all the pictures and old signs at Agnew's? They are great old photos. Wish you would get some copys and post them.

  2. Charles Sidney Spain is my second cousin. He played football for Baldwyn. His nickname was "Tootsie". He lived most of his adult life in Jackson, Tennessee.
    Josephine Epting married Herbert Gresham another one of my second cousins. Josephine lived most of her adult life in Senatobia, Mississippi.

  3. Was that Jack Lampkin Jr or his father the barber?

  4. That is Jr. who died in August last year. His father died in 1950.