Sunday, July 5, 2009

Some more News Clippings

Top: Some of the 1950s Wheeler basketball team hotshots. Don't know if this is one of the years they went all the way. This would probably be 1956 (my guess).

One of the Saylors twins has passed away fairly recently. Saw Jerry Keeton at SeeSaw Heflin's funeral last year and he was fine. Have no idea how the others are doing.

Did you know that Wheeler only played basketball in that time era? No major teams for other sports were ever started that I know of.

Lower: Three of the local Baldwyn young ladies being honored for a well-deserved accomplishment in the church acivities.

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Clips courtesy of Betty Smith Massengill.


  1. I think that it is L. T. Saylors that died. He worked and lived in Illinois.

    Thanks, There is always something interesting on the Blog.


  2. Wheeler 1954-55 State championship team.

    Pretty girls.

  3. I believe that Richard Hill, like his father, was long time school superintendent in South MS. I believe either Forest or Morton HS and some more. I think that Jerry Keeton made general in MS National Guard.

  4. Anonymous 9:45

    Correct on Jerry Keeton - he was the state Adjutant General under one or more governors. Wish I had all the details.